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10:00 pm 7 percent said yes, 93 percent said no. finally tonight, if you have had the flu you probably laid on your couch cursing and never gave it to you. now you might be able to find out because, you know what, there is an application for that the facebook program called help i have the flu, really creative, uses close to determine if any of your friends are sick by checking the status updates. it also looks at places you checked into and seize any sick people checked in there to. there are also applications for you input your symptoms and tells you if you have the flu, and you can track local flu activity in your area or you can go to a doctor, or you could actually talk to people face-to-face about who has the flu. when did we get to the point where we'll hide behind social media? but then again, talking to your friends may have gotten used in the first place. that's my "2 cents more." that's it for tonight on "the willis report." thank you for joining esprits cannot forget said records
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showed you cannot catch us live. have a great night, and we will see record tomorrow. ♪ lou: good evening. the united states tonight is in the midst of the earliest and strongest clues season in a decade, and one that could turn out to be a emptied of among the deadliest. the centers for disease control reports that 7 percent of all deaths in this country in the last week of 2012 were flu-related. the epidemic rages across the entire country, and the cdc is reporting now that they have classified 41 states as having what they call widespread flu activity. more than 2200 people hospitalized, 18 children, 23 adolescents, sadly have died nationwide. the percentage of people seeing their health care provider for flu-like symptoms has climbed
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sharply. from just under 3% the almost 6%, doubling in the last four weeks. last year's relatively mild season peaked. experts are calling this year's flu strikingly similar to the severe strain of 2003 and for resulting in more than 40,000 from related deaths. this season is just getting started. according to the cdc, increased selectivity could continue for up to two more months, persisting much as the h1 in one or swine flu pandemic of 2009 that resulted in nearly half a million deaths worldwide. meanwhile, hospitals across the country are reporting they are overwhelmed by the number of patients with influenza-like symptoms flooding their emergency rooms. one pennsylvania hospital has been forced to put up by huge mobil surged ten to to handle incoming slipcases. potentially the artist's estate, more than 150 people there have
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been admitted to intensive care units. five have died. the illinois department of health reported that 11 chicago-area hospitals are now on what they call bypass status, meaning they are so swamped with the patients that they are being forced to turn away sick people. our own dr. mark siegel joins us in moments to tell us about this very . a flu virus, what should you -- what we should be doing, and the course it is let it run over the next month to. tonight we also take up the president's push for new gun control laws. the white house is now obviously intending to go well beyond the campaign to reinstitute and assault weapons ban. vice-president biden said for a face-to-face meeting with the national right to 75 rifle association this thursday. they "a-team" will join us. and planned parenthood setting records that have conservatives and pro-life lawmakers ready to act in defense of the unborn.
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shannon green joins us with the powerful report. we begin tonight with a deadly flu outbreak that is rapidly spreading across the country. my first guest says the best way to protect yourself is by getting the flu shot. yes, he has given me one on this very broadcast. joining me now. fox news senior medical contributor, dr. mark siegel. it is great to have you with us. this sounds horrific. a 7 percent of all deaths in the country of the last week or year, flu-related. this is deeply troubling. >> well, as you said in the senate, very similar to the strain that we saw in 2003 when over 40,000 people died of flu-related deaths, which basically occurred because of other infections they get. if they're knocks you down. the flu weakens your immune system. it makes you fatigue. you know that because that is the most prominence as the -- system. then you get the money or bronchitis. in 2003 we did not have as in a match as we have now. this year we have a strain that
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is causing most of the problems in this year's flu shot, and of people have not gotten it yet, only 37 percent of americans have gotten this shot. why? lou: i got my flu shot this year at our local grocery store in the pharmacy. ubiquitous opportunities to get them. what is the reason? >> one word, fear. i wrote a book about this. misconceptions about the flu shots are a shot. could be related autism. it's not. could give me the flu. it can't. it's a dead virus. a wake-up call to people, and there's plenty of time to get the shot because you can get a flu shot and the immune within two or three weeks. according to the cdc, is not going to peak for another few weeks. get the shot now. young kids are not getting a shot the way that they should. parents are free to give a shot to the children. the cdc recommends every child
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over the age of six months get the flu shot. i am a believer in that. lou: and it takes no time at all. set aside. there is no pain. i have to say, they took good care of me. all across the countryduring this. is so sad to see these people when it is effectively a this. >> you went on with a share last year. i give you a show. lou: that is how brave i am. i went on with the broadcast. >> but moving in the direction the men set of all the people like you and me and giving it a beautiful young women, said that has been a change. lou: and he's so practiced at this craft. he has given me this a way to bring in jacqueline rose, our segment producer. if i could ask you to join her over there to give a shot, just to demonstrate how simple thises
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and down the list, as we say. i have to say, this vaccine, i have heard more stories, talking to friends and family members about how this vaccine is the wrong vaccine, only effective in one out of the million cases, all sorts of nonsense like that. in point of fact, as dr. sigell said, the nih, national institutes of health, center for disease control, all of these folks have been a very good job of plotting the course of this flu which comes from south america appear. and they have to make these decisions. how far i advance? a full year? >> they do it in the summer before down in south america and asia and like it will happen here in our winter. it's about 60 percent effective on a good year, and that is what we are expecting this year. that's why we need to create a ring of community. we have to vaccinate young people so that everyone in the household is protected. the more people i vaccinate in a given house to less young
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children are at risk, less people with chronic illness. if she has an elderly parent or grandparent, vaccinator. less likely flew enters the house to begin with. lou: and the ages from six months, is this correct, from six months and on up. is that correct? >> you can give it to someone six months and up. before that there not pointing it immune. well, the youngest and things will get it from breast -- from being in the womb, and you have to get to a pregnant woman the flu shot. it's totally safe. pregnant women are a big risk of the flu. the flu shots for pregnant women, and it will transfer to the unborn fetus. lou: and the you're recommending six months men and older. >> six months and older, everyone. and especially at risk, elderly people. chronic illness. lou: and, you know, i think would have to say that i see more folks to our -- well, there are elderly. there are more my age.
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there are people who are getting flu shots, again, the local pharmacies. and their up that we will see more obviously doing that because this is very serious. do you expect this to reach the proportion -- i know it is just a judgment call at this point because we are early. these are early days certainly, but we are seeing a remarkable number of deaths, a remarkable spread in this, do you expect this to approach the levels, you yourself, 2003 and for, perhaps five -- nine? >> i do, but we have in our own hands a decrease that by getting a shot to mustang, your sick, washing yourhands, using in sanitizers, understanding the you can spread the flu on surfaces and by coughing and breathing and each other. we can decrease this, even now. lou: and jacqueline rose to, as i said, one of our segment producers year, we built up her expectations in anticipation of a shot, doctor. jackie, are you ready?
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>> i'm ready. lou: here we go. and in there. be brave. >> how was that? >> it's fine. it's good. the other shot. lou: thank you so much. i want to, if we could come up but of that full screen of what the widespread flu activity now, the cdc putting a this specific designation. forty-one states now with severe flu, widespread flu activity. as the doctor has said, let me reinforce it. did your flu shot. is the right thing for you, and is the right thing for everybody else. thank you for being with us. and much more on the flu outbreak throughout the broadcast. next up, is comprehensive -- does that mean full control of guns and the end of the second amendment? we take that up next. >> president obama's second term cabinet rounding into shape, treasury secretary geithner is
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next up. he should be his replacement? ubs chief economist tells us. we will be talking markets and the economy. the presidnt puts vice-president in charge of rounding up guns. the comprehensive gun control mean controlling all guns? the "a-team" with this next. ♪@a
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♪ lou: the obama administration push for more gun control intensifying. the washington post reports the administration looking to go well beyond the simple reinstatement of the inspired ban on assault weapons and i capacity ammunition. vice-president biden task force apparently considering measures that would require universal background checks for all firearms buyers.
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the national database that would track the sale and movement of weapons, strengthening mental health checks, stiffer penalties for carrying guns near schools. to mark the vice-president said to me with gun safety group's commander jim and executives, victims of gun violence. there's a the vice-president turns to me with the national rifle association. joining us now, fox news legal analyst and republican strategist, columnist for the hill, democratic strategist. thank you all for being year. comprehensive means all the guns. is that your interpretation? >> i think that for political purposes they want people to think that they can and will, and that think it is wrong, not realistic. a particularly have a problem with this sort of thing happening on the heels of the shootings in newtown. and, if i may, one of the people who i think came up with one of the brave and best ideas has sort of disappeared. senator barba boxer, manager not agree with her on anything. lou: the national guard.
10:16 pm
>> at least they have acknowledged some sort of aren't professional securing our schools. i wrote about this. the nra saying they agree with that, and that is partly why she backed off, but addresses the problem and. everything else is politics and it kind of turns my stomach. lou: your view on this because it is clear this the administration, we just received word the governor of new york -- >> tougher gun-control laws in the country. now wondering call it does that mean. >> connecticut said they are one of the toughest, and they are not. the killer's mother had begun and there were legal. lou: lawfully a registered user. lawfully purchase. >> absolutely, and it got into the wrong hands. absolutely desert on heels of something the surrender says this. a political tool.
10:17 pm
on the other hand, i am a lawyer. both sides of my mouth. my daughter was in one of the schools and lock down last week. that is a very, very frightening thing for any parent to think there was -- lou: so was she told to do? >> there were not told anything. the school is in lock down, not given any information. then she told me later with a great plan for the school if this were to happen again, lock the door and hubbell and the corner. okay. lou: which is apparently what happened with one class from a new town which was to put these small children totally in france -- >> but ran toward the gun in which is not going to change and that is why you have to secure the school. some of those teachers used their own bodies. any teacher will do that, and that is a reality we have to acknowledge. >> the most important lement of this entire discussion is something that is raised on the injured to this segment, national checks from insult health. that more than anything else will begin to deal with this
10:18 pm
problem. lou: professional associations, psychologists and psychiatrists to moments of care providers will have but you all the way. as a matter of fact and i sat here and talk to the number of psychologists and psychiatrists. to a person they acknowledged at least partly that they are responsible for some of the impediments to a full text. the access to that information. this is a country that is dealing with, in the instance of newtown, a horribly, horribly to arrange a young man. it is the same case as former congresswoman giffords, now working with her husband on an anti-gun crusade. you know, she was the victim of an obviously mentally ill persons. the first answer i heard from one psychiatrist a mile, you can see mentally ill because that casts a pall. that is a stigma. this is 2012. there is no stigma. >> 2013. >> someone has been hospitalized
10:19 pm
for mental illness and -- or is a felon, the combination of the tube. why should they have access to weapons. >> i could not agree with you more. >> and not think anyone is really arguing about that. that is the law right now. >> the fact of the matter is, so little trust in this government that if you give them 1 ounce, you know they're going to take a full pound and the measure beyond. this is a game that is being played, and we are watching reconstituted this lost touch just absolutely destroyed this significance, the meeting, and the protection of the second amendment, and this administration has made clear. >> i think they are using a tragedy to do as well. lou: to you disagree with what i just said. >> i think you are right. i think that there is the midpoint. that is what democracy of it is about. i think that not having an atf director for a lot of years, not in powering the government to do what it ought to do with his top gun trafficking across state lines.
10:20 pm
go through the list. this administration post guns across an international border. lou: fast and furious. still it has not come clean with the congress of the united states seems powerless. we're talking about mental health issues, so many broad and deep concerns, including the commerce in violence, whether video games, movies. and that is pushed to the side because it is inconvenient to the narrative, and that is a shame, and should not be tolerated. >> we have not had this kind of national dialogue anyway, sycamore former says the assassinations of the 60's. we have not talked about the counts -- causes of violence are get legislation that may or may not work. >> your mental health issue. people think that you cannot. you can if a counselor knows it has a good idea that the person is going to become violent. lou: you know, the fact is that there is so much propaganda in all of this from both sides that
10:21 pm
we have to cut through it and talk honestly year. the reality is that rifles, has soared and tragic and as these killings have been, the rifle is not the issue here. the assault weapon, it makes it sound like something it is not, as semiautomatic weapon. and the idea that people, and this is being promulgated everywhere. the fact is, more people killed with clubs, for crying out loud, then with rifles. >> that is why when you look at the real issue now that people can take care of nine discussed now, being pushed aside, something they can deal with. possibly other public places. what is on the report is when you have someone who is legally armed, it will to stop some of these murders and mass murders in areas where the people gathered, that is not getting reported in the mainstream media. if you are irresponsible, trained adult in place, and even the madmen are not going to be
10:22 pm
able to go there to do there deed. lou: we talked with the superintendent of such schools who have had no problem whatsoever as a result. children are protected costa is protected by the attorney general, the state of arizona talking about what they can do there. being proactive and straightforward, and then to hear some on the other side concerned about the budget as a reason not to protect our children. my god. we have a lot to talk about. with us later in this hour. up next, home depot co-founder joins us to take a look at how this year, 2013, and adjusted at the same, return to prosperity for all of us and that is going to be fun to talk about in prospe, and it has been more than 1300 days since the democratically controlled sweat -- senate passed a budget, and want to talk about this policy. u.s. estimates that?
10:23 pm
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♪ lou: earnings season officially under way, whatever that means. american economic engine parts for a breakout year of the restoration of prosperity? chief economist at ubs is just moments away, and we will get the answers to that question and more. on wall street today stocks finished lower in advance of those are major ports after the closing bell. the dow closing 55 points lower on the day. s&p five, nasdaq down seven, volume on the big board just under. after the close, alcoa coming. investors hitting its earnings targets. first quarter earnings $0.6 per share and started the expected revenue with the company saying it expects global demand for aluminum to rise this year, up 7%. the stock is up.
10:27 pm
all of -- more problems with the ven a seven dream liner. today in telling a fuel leak discovered as the aircraft was taxiing to take off at morgan international yesterday. yesterday a fire broke out on board a separate 77, but still at logan international. last month another dream liner down to have wiring problems. national transportation safety board is investigating what has been a rash of sticky issues. investors selling the stock on today's news. bowing down to win two-thirds, down 5% of the past two sessions . the board of afg meets tomorrow to decide whether to sue the federal government. that's right, whether to sue the very same government that bail them out. aig has repaid the loan and is now running a think you ad campaign aimed at both elected officials and taxpayers. in my opinion a aggie board and management may be on the verge of what would be a disastrously stupid decision. i have some advice for management and the board.
10:28 pm
it's time to just say things and move on. and the yield on the 10-year treasury slipping. turning to the economy and the markets, next guest is optimistic that our economy can cope with, well, even the folks that we send to washington d.c. joining me now is the chief u.s. economist for ubs investment research. good to have you with us. >> glad to be here. lou: happy new year to you. with that the underpinning of optimism here, you kind of have to scratch your head when you think that we have not had a budget for over 1300 days out of the senate. still trying to negotiate a resolution, sequestered, and we are not quite sure what they did with the fiscal cliff. help us out here. >> well, first of all, fortunately, the players in the u.s. economy, the businesses, consumers have their act together a lot more than the politicians in washington. and i think that people, you know -- look at what is happening, don't like it, but started off and go ahead with
10:29 pm
business. it seems to be what happened in the fourth quarter. lou: in the fourth quarter we are seeing a continuation of what has been a fairly -- one cannot : robust, but a surprising economy. people kept saying, are you better off than you were four years ago which is one of the dumbest question is what the answer was categorically and clearly, yeah, we were a lot better off. actually better off than we were into doesn't 11. >> we finally started to see a drop in the unemployment rate that was significant last year. we have a long way to go. let's face it. all of people out of work, but at least that is heading in the right direction. despite the mess in washington, businesses look ahead and still want to get ahead. that is the good news that they are ignoring some of this crazy stuff that happens. lou: amongst the best of the news is what is happening in
10:30 pm
housing. give us your outlook for housing >> well, you know, i great year in housing you would produce 2 million units. last year -- the last few years you were down to half million. we think you're going to have over a million by next year. possibly better than that. lou: your sense of the job outlook. we hear everyone in washington, the president says he is not going to negotiate a debt ceiling. and the republican leaders in the house, the speaker says i'm not going to talk to the white house because i don't like the way it has worked up to this point. apparently what is going to transpire? how important are those discussions and what would happen if we actually did threaten the shutdown of the government. >> well, if you're going to have the threat and the shutdown of the government, where it hits hardest is the defense area. and they are already bracing for that. i tell you what i think is more important in washington, what is going on with monetary policy.
10:31 pm
and when you can have all this clowning around on fiscal policy, bernanke keeps printing money. that may be a big problem way down the road, but for the time being, the banks are flush with deposits, flush with reserves, lending more money. use of these november consumer credit numbers today, and people are going about their business. lending and borrowing in moving ahead even though the politicians aren't. lou: give us your outlook on a couple of things. one is to my would like to hear quickly what you think of europe and how strong it will be this year. then, if you will, translate that to everything that we have talked about, and alec ton gdp in interest >> well, firstlings of europe, there doing something good. almost no matter what of standing up by the banks. that is a turning point, and this is not to say that europe is getting better, but it seems to be slowly stabilizing.
10:32 pm
it is not getting worse, which is a step in the right direction. meanwhile, here in the united states, again, as i said earlier, the fed is pumping of money. people are starting to buy houses. they're going back to their of living standards where you did not have as much doubling up as you did the last couple of years. and you put all that together. i have a number of 23% this year. it would be better than that if they had not rised taxes, but, you know, part of this so-called tax relief act, in fact, included a tax increase, and we have to factor that into our outlook. but outside of fiscal policy things are looking pretty good. lou: always good to talk with you. good to have you on the show. we have much more on the recovery and job creation coming appear next. ♪ congress, it turns out, is wildly popular, much more
10:33 pm
popular than communism, the ebola virus, gonorrhea, or even the kardashian said. the "a-team" with a shocking poll results. over the past 40 years, tens of millions of abortions in this country. many of them performed at planned parenthood, thanks to a record taxpayer dollars. shannon green with our report. is the economy recovering? t there a ddivide in this country between big business and small? what is the path to prosperity? home depot co-founder joins us here next. ♪
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lou: small business drives job creation and confidence among small-business owners but remained near historically low levels. that is according to a new
10:37 pm
survey. joining us now to assess the path to prosperity is bernie marcus, cofounder of home depot. >> thank you for inviting me. lou: we are hearing a lot of talk about gun control and washington dc. there is still not focusing on job creation and small businesses. >> i don't know in one of these congressmen sit down and says, tell me, honestly, how things are. they would not get the rosy picture that they are getting from the economist because it's not a rosy picture. i spoke to a restaurant owner today and he said a major issue
10:38 pm
started about a week ago. he said that his employees are getting their paychecks and they are getting less. and they don't understand why they are getting less. they don't understand the taxes within. small businesses, people are going to get less. this leaves is going to start him. we started something called the job creators alliance. i started as a small businessman in 1978 and we opened our first home depot in 1979. the first five years were very difficult. we were 15 and 16 hour days, seven days a week. it is impregnated into my brain what we went through.
10:39 pm
and also how difficult it was to run a business. imagine a kid from newark, new jersey, it pains me that the same opportunity is not going to be out there today because of government interference and i'm talking about the goverment. the republicans and the democrats. it seems that they go to washington and what they want to do is write laws. i wish that they would take a vacation. let them play golf with the president. for seven months a year we would be better off. >> 112th congress try that out. they roughed over a few laws. they were the least productive congress in recorded history. so they tried it out except the president came back and they do that did that fiscal cliff
10:40 pm
thing, which is part of the reason for the 2% tax increase is that you are referring to for everyone. let me ask you this. when you are starting home depot, were you a member of the chamber of commerce? the business roundtable? what i am seeing is a real divide between small business and big business in this country right now. >> you are so right. we were so busy that we had no time for these organizations. up until that time, i was too busy. that is why this is something we're going to have a voice. or they can tell their stories, we are going to put it in the cities that they live in. in the states that they are in. that way america understands what they're going through. i can give you an example of one
10:41 pm
particular businessman that i know. he is struggling between rising costs and that of gasoline. it was $1.82, now it is up to $4.82, and everything has gone on. lou: a lot of folks don't have the jobs they want. bernie, it's always great to talk with you. come back soon. >> thank you very much. lou: coming up tomorrow, charles schwab, chief investment officer. lieutenant saunders will also be here and ben shapiro. stay with us tonight. a new poll finds congress popular in the way.
10:42 pm
we will have a list of things
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lou: opponents of planned parenthood tonight are outraged after a new report reveals record funding and abortions are at all-time highs. shannon bream has our report. reporter: at the same time announcing that it performed a record number of abortions, it also received a half-million dollars in taxpayer money, prompting advocates to sound the alarm. >> we should not be borrowing money so we can pay for more abortions. it is a commonsense disconnect right there. >> after the congress was sworn in, family planning funding was
10:46 pm
blocked. plant -- planned parenthood says like any other health care provider, we are reimbursed by the government for providing specific preventive services to low-income patients. federal funds and cannot be used to prvide abortions. over the last three years, it has performed nearly a million abortions at a consistent annual rates. during that same time, the organization has had a 30% drop in cancer screenings and more than an 11% drop in contraceptive services. funding battles are brewing across the country as a number of states are thought to block planned parenthood from accessing funds. the obama administration has often stepped in, funding organization itself or withholding federal funding unless they reverse their
10:47 pm
decision. >> every time on the state level, the president steps in and says over my dead body. reporter: there is a legal battle where it the organization wants without will leave for women without essential health care. the texas health and human services commission has locked in more than enough doctors to treat the poor women who depend upon planned parenthood for family planning services and checkups. lou: shannon bream, fox news correspondent. the current staff for one of their final meetings. it will become the al jazeera network. financed by an oil giant, qatar. al gore earns 20% of the current stocks. as if he had some credibility to begin with. he is supposed to be the face of clean energy.
10:48 pm
he just sold the channel to very big oil. you will never have here, it appears. there is also a reported 100 million-dollar payoff from a 100 million-dollar deal. thank you very much. and they public-policy poll on how unpopular congresses. the survey asking americans to choose between congress and some other things. it turns out people at this like congress more than traffic jams, colonoscopies, and all that. brussels sprouts, genghis khan, donald trump, and nickel back and cockroaches as well. they did manage to beat out tim
10:49 pm
kardashian, lindsay lohan. and taxpayers should be paying for abortions? the "a-team" with cheri jacobus and hank sheinkopf joining us ne
10:50 pm
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10:52 pm
he lou: to him know the "a-team." we have a lis wiehl and cheri jacobus and hank sheinkopf. hey, let's begin with you. 77% of the people. we have all of this initiative for gun control and 77% of the
10:53 pm
folks say washington dc is hurting the nation. one of the world is going on here? >> they are not happy with the president or congress and they don't know what to do about it. they are very unhappy. >> we are getting less, they are getting more. they have health insurance, health care, everyone else is paying and they are going to get more. >> is staggering. nothing has improved in the federal government. they're not more efficient or productive, yet the president stands up with a sanctimonious tone he wants everyone to pay more taxes. and he immediately hits everybody with 2% taxes, including the national liberal media who doesn't say a word. >> and all the battle that we heard, it's hitting people everywhere.
10:54 pm
>> this pool that we are talking about, it says republicans are a little bit more pessimistic than democrats. i think now there is a chance to look at paychecks, they are getting head. obama didn't take from the ridge. rich. everybody feels like they have been betrayed. 77% is probably a lot higher and i think that the dmocrats are as upset as republicans are. lou: many think it was a 2% tax hike right off the bat. after all the flowery language about how they are going to protect the middle class. that's your fair share for this week, we will see what it is later. now, gun control. coming after the second amendment rights for every american. despite the president saying that he would not protest. is there anything that this
10:55 pm
administration will not press going forward? >> this administration will say one thing and are exactly the opposite. the congress doesn't have the courage to do anything. >> but he said he was going to do this. he is telling people to wait until my second term when i can do whatever i want, and that is what we are seeing right out of the gate two i just want to go to one second. it struck me this week that somebody earning $50,000, they are looking at exactly $1000 less than their paycheck every year. that is just stunning. $50,000 if you live in the new york area, you are getting $1000 taken off the top to . lou: planned parenthood -- that
10:56 pm
is to me -- it is extraordinary. we have had 50 million abortions performed in this country since 1970. planned parenthood, bringing $542 million of taxpayer money. when did they become a government agency funded by the taxpayer? why isn't the local government involved? why isn't there a response agency locally accountable? what is going on? >> well, the question is how much were abortions and women's health care? >> will planned parenthood says is that no federal funding goes to abortion because that is illegal. so i think that the only way to really find out if it's true or not -- when you're talking about
10:57 pm
accounting for 42% is to have been them counting and say, where can you show us the money? >> there has been one report that shows the cancer screenings have preventative procedures and medicines have dropped 29%. then you have the number of abortions going on. so clearly there is a comingling. it should be looked into. >> planned parenthood received 200 million in 2001 of government grants and contracts. in 2011, 542.5. lou: it sounds like a federal funding project to me. they never go down, do they? thank you very much for being with us. we greatly appreciate it. we thank you for being with us tonight as well. we will see you here tomorrow night. we wish you a very pleasant evening. supply costs...
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News/Business. Lou Dobbs. The journalist offers his take on issues and interviews newsmakers. (CC)

TOPIC FREQUENCY Washington 7, Ubs 3, Europe 3, Biden 2, Dr. Mark Siegel 2, Cdc 2, Obama Administration 2, Newtown 2, Shannon 2, Cheri Jacobus 2, South America 2, S&p 1, The Nih 1, Mobil 1, Nfc 1, Alcoa 1, Fox News 1, Bernie Marcus 1, Saunders 1, Ben Shapiro 1
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